Concept, naming, planning, construction, design, copy to convey the brand values of the Natural Predictions platform.

Pronostici Naturali Brand

Tell it around. 😉

The design and creation of a logo and the constant development of the visual identity is part of my wealth of skills. With great pleasure I therefore built the visual identity of the Natural Predictions project, from the point of view of naming, logo, corporate identity and iconographic choice.

Natural Predictions has a wider meaning than a simple storytelling, it represents the connotation of the model, to be appreciated in its entirety of aspects and meanings.

The perpetual motion of these situations, apparently simple but not at all trivial, which I wanted to baptize natural predictions, is the basis of the potential concretely demonstrated over time.

The brand includes a pictogram that evokes a “V” of victory and at the same time as if to represent arms raised in a classic form of exultation and asymmetrical to give more dynamism. The symbol is also further reinforced by a star, a universal symbol of reference for series of league triumphs.

The primary color is obviously green, certainly for the playing field, but also to evoke the concept of nature, the correctness of a prediction and a numerically positive bet.

The tonality is deliberately discreet and relaxing, even the star consists of an ocher rather than a too bright yellow.

The font chosen is the Popping, a geometric font, without thanks, used in a bolder variant, it is present and decisive but with rounded details that give it a pleasant design and modern appearance.

Passion, strength, competitiveness, joy, presence, are the main values ​​transmitted by the Pronostici Naturali brand with its elements, which allows for strong recognition and readability on all communication channels, starting from the reference environment certainly represented by the web and mobile.

I personally follow the constant development of the brand identity according to the needs that arise. From stationary to YouTube video covers, podcasts, configurations and social posts, book cover, domain names, betting logos and all digital activity, from the blog to the product website to the platform.