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Consult the frequently asked questions regarding registration and payment to use the natural predictions platform.

No, because there is no automatic renewal. After a month, or a day (depending on the duration you have chosen), the registration stops automatically and you decide if and when to reactivate it.

Natural Predictions has been free for over a season, the new platform now requires a small contribution in order to continue to offer a better service and new useful features for your betting.

In addition to the information on this site, you can visit the official blog, read the manual book on Amazon, follow the YouTube channel where there are numerous video guides, pre and post game analysis, or the podcast version on Spotify, Anchor or other similar platforms.

The price includes all the platform features.

Payment is only possible online with Paypal and credit card, prepaid cards are usually also accepted.

Of course, after making the payment, the registration is immediately active and you can access all the platform features without limitations.

No. Natural Predictions is an independent project, it has no connection with any bookmaker.

No. Currently Natural Predictions is a web app. It means that it is accessible from any mobile device, tablet and desktop with the same functionality. In particular, for mobile, viewing and usability remain simple and fast.

In case of subscription for a period of 1 month, you will be able to access the platform services for 31 consecutive days. You can check the exact expiry date in your profile at any tim

In case of subscription for a duration of 1 day, you will be able to access the platform services until midnight of the current day, regardless of the time in which it is carried out. In this regard, first consider whether it would be more convenient to wait until the next day according to the natural predictions in the program.

The registration option for 1 day is always disabled when, on the current day, there are at least 5 natural predictions in the billboard including those with double series in progress.

Remember! Consider the time you intend to subscribe with the Day option, because the matches may already be in progress or over.

At the start of the leagues, 5 consecutive days have already been played in order to have the first natural predictions linked to the series “does not win from”, “does not draw from”, “does not lose from”.

The first useful day is therefore the sixth, still to be played. Subsequently, the natural predictions continue uninterruptedly until the end of all the championships considered.

No, because natural predictions are present only in the leagues considered to date. In large part, as always, they are concentrated from Friday to Monday, but now midweek rounds are frequent and often also the recoveries of canceled, suspended, postponed matches. Consequently, there are often natural predictions during the week, even on days dedicated to European cups or to the stop of the main leagues for national teams.

Once the season has started and is operational, with all the leagues active, on average there are about 400 natural predictions per month on the billboard. As usual, most are concentrated between Friday and Monday and in particular Saturday and Sunday.

Absolutely not! The platform is a utility for those who enjoy analyzing matches and making predictions, but the decision whether to place a bet, where to do it, how much to bet and everything that involves the post-analysis, including any winnings or losses, is entirely the responsibility of each user. There are also users who use the platform even just for statistical fun or for other purposes, such as Fantasy Football.

Remember that subscription is always to be considered on a personal level and absolutely non-transferable, as well as constituting a legally prosecutable fraud, also because it would not be possible to verify the age of majority, which is essential for registering on the site and using the service.