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A concrete help for your new betting.

Pronostici Naturali Suggerimenti

Use the soccer tips in the billboard to get to know the betting model with natural predictions.

The soccer tips continue to be present in the new version of the platform, in particular they can be useful for those who have just discovered the natural prediction approach or have started having fun with soccer betting.

The soccer tips are found directly on the billboard under the natural predictions and can have two levels of reliability, depending on the difficulty expected in the analysis phase or as an alternative between different odds, for example a low cover odds and a high fixed odds.

As indicated in the mission of the project, the soccer tips is not the main objective of the platform, because the real “tips” is the natural predictions approach to football betting, which considers several aspects as a whole: statistical, technical and sound rules of common sense, balance and prudence.

The ability to put together all the ingredients of the model allows you to aspire to obtain concrete and satisfactory results, which are not based on “belly” analysis, useless statistics, risky mathematical systems and much more already widely described in the videos of the YouTube channel and in the manual book.

Being able to accompany betting enthusiasts towards a more balanced, motivated and reasoned approach that has allowed them to obtain concrete results, whether small or large, is the greatest gratification.

Nobody has a crystal ball, certainly those who have been betting with natural predictions for years have probably developed a certain experience and familiarity that allows you to make a more accurate pre-game analysis of the opportunities on the billboard, but the freedom of selection should remain a pleasure for every bettor.

For this reason I hope that the soccer tips are of support for an initial phase or to have a comparison of views on natural predictions available in the billboard.

With time and experience, each user will have fun choosing and betting exclusively with their own head. This has always been, in my vision, the real way to fully enjoy the passion of betting.

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