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The platform grows also thanks to your indications to make your betting ever simpler and more satisfying.


Always working to find new features or make changes to the current ones, with the aim of making the use of the platform even simpler, more useful and concrete.

With the experience that increases every year, I have the opportunity to identify new points for improvement which, periodically, can be implemented in the new next version of the platform.

Together with my ideas, each of you can be part of the growth of the platform of natural predictions, send me your feedback directly and, as has happened in the past, I will gladly take it into consideration for the next updates.

This is the list of the latest updates in chronological order, small or large features to increase the usability of the platform, simplify the understanding of some fundamental aspects, such as the trends and trends of the various football leagues considered and obviously help the bettor in the phase of selection of natural predictions.

Interface and usability improvements
Updates have been published relating to interface improvements in both the desktop and mobile versions, to improve the user experience and facilitate the selection of Natural Predictions.

Previous results list
In the stats of the Natural Predictions of the billboard, the complete list of previous games now appears (previously it was limited to 15).

Live results
We have reduced the update of live match scores to 1 minute.

Optimization, speed
We have temporarily deactivated the introductory page of the day in the billboard to facilitate operations, i.e. greater speed in viewing the various leagues and related to Natural Predictions.

New additional notes in the billboard
For the new season 2022/23, new additional notes now appear in the billboard regarding the ongoing series of the expected Natural Prediction. In practice, under each series of the Natural Prediction you will know if it is the most frequent series (i.e. interrupted more often, to the satisfaction of the Natural Prediction) in the current or previous season, whether you take into account the games at home or away.

– New football statistics in the billboard
An important update concerning the football statistics that can be consulted directly on the billboard, within the stats part, which will help to better evaluate the natural predictions on the field and therefore decide what the best odds available can be.
The new data are particularly useful for better evaluating the natural predictions of lesser-known leaguess abroad.
Remember! The data always refer to points and goals only at home and away only, precisely to better analyze the match on the billboard.

  • Average points and ranking (home only or away only)
  • Attack, with goals scored and ranking position for the data only at home or away
  • Defense, with goals conceded and ranking position for data only at home or away

This new set of data allows you to make an almost complete analysis of the matches in the billboard and apply a choice of odds for the bet in a more effective way.

– New data on teams: previous seasons
Another useful information has been added about the previous seasons of the teams that appear in the billboard and that appears both for natural predictions and for the opponents.

  • Year of the season
  • Leagues disputed
  • Final position in the standings
  • Final points scored

With the passing of the seasons the available data will increase, to date it is valid from the last one, or from 2020/21.
Remember! When no value appears it means that the team, in the previous season, played at a league level for which we do not have the data. For example, it could be a team that from Serie C has been promoted to Serie B.

– Past Trend
A great novelty for the consultation of the trends. Now you can view all the trend data relating to previous leagues with the use of the calendar, in a similar way to how it is used in the billboard.
Remember! The data always refer to the seasons that begin approximately in mid-August and end at the beginning of June, depending on the various championships.

– New additional notes
New additional notes in the mini statistics of the natural predictions billboard.

  • Team that has not yet made the 0-0 result since the start of the league.
  • Newly promoted team.
  • Team just relegated.
  • Reigning champion team and for how many consecutive years.
  • The list of the last games played has been increased from 10 to 15.

JULY 2021
– Three new leagues
To replace the three Scandinavian championships, however, I wanted to increase the offer of the championships and, consequently, the number of natural predictions on the scoreboard.
From the 2021/22 season, the championships of Russia, Romania and Austria will also enter the platform, three competitions that I am sure will be able to entertain us.
With these new championships, the season of natural predictions can also be slightly lengthened, as Romania first and Russia and Austria shortly after, will be among the first to appear on the scoreboard.

– Scandinavian leagues
For now, I have decided to stop natural predictions on the three Scandinavian leagues of Sweden, Finland and Norway. This choice is due to the fact that the effort to manage a different seasonal calendar is not currently justified by the interest of bettors.
At least this is what I have seen for this summer season 2021, despite a trend in satisfied prizes in line with the general expected return and probably also for the European enthusiast who has, rightly, captured all attention from football and betting lovers.
Another reason is that, I assume, many tipsters also take a well-deserved summer break for reflection and preparation, after the long season that goes from August to May, in order to start again with full batteries for the new championships.

MARCH 2021
– Tips and coverage quote color
To make it clearer what the tips are, I changed the two reference colors. Now the “lower” risk level tips (previously dark green) are light green and the greater “risk” level tips (previously gray) are now dark green.
The mathematical coverage odds remain with only the gray outline and in the desktop version, on mouse over they turn gray completely, this to make it clearer that they are the odds you can as well as tips choose from, according to the type of series of the natural prediction expected.

– New automatic note
New automatic note in the ministats of the natural predictions of the billboard. Added the detail of “at home” or “away” of a natural prediction that has never won, drawn or lost since the beginning of the league.

– Bet slip: delete all
In the bet slip you now find the “Delete All” button to delete all the odds selected in the billboard  to create the bet slip, with a single click or tap.

– New automatic note
With the addition of tooltips, in the billboard and in the trend section, you can now read the explanation of the main terms used to better understand the values represented.

– Natural prediction filters in the board
The filters in the billboard, to display only what you prefer, have changed. In the part relating to the odds, I removed the double chances because, as a covered odd, they are actually always present and therefore it made little sense to use them as a filter.
While in the series part I added three filters that I consider very important and refer to the length of the series, which is a fundamental aspect of natural predictions.
Now you can filter by the series of days without a win, draw or loss, ranging from: 5 to 7 inclusive, 8 to 11 inclusive and from 12 onwards all other longer ones.
Remember! Series 5 to 7 are the most frequent! Those who have access to the platform can check the trend section, which is always updated.

– Order double natural bets satisfied in trend
In the trend section relating to the list of natural predictions satisfied in fixed odds, which are updated every night, now the double predictions are ordered in such a way that they appear one below the other.
A small detail that makes it quicker to check which and how many double predictions, that is the teams with natural predictions that were present in the billboard and that faced each other in the same match, with the mutual satisfaction of the expected natural prediction.
On this occasion, I also changed the order of appearance so that the most recent appear first at the top of the page.

– Trend, series number displayed
In the trend section, I have increased the number of series displayed, in order to have more terms of comparison. Now all the leagues together and obviously also individually, show the first 10 series, that is those with the highest number of natural predictions satisfied, for all the series “does not win by”, “does not draw from”, “does not lose by”. The data is updated every night.

– Result after live
Now the final result of the match is displayed on the billboard as soon as the live score is finished and the official data has been received.

– Team logos
Thanks also to the timely reports of the members, I have updated the image of some team logos with the correct version.

– Automatic note exact result
A new automatic note has been inserted in the ministats of natural predictions in the billboard and concerns the repetition, after at least three consecutive times, of an exact result. So, for example, a natural prediction team that has drawn their last three games all 0-0.