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The philosophy of Pronostici Naturali is to offer a betting model that includes together: specific objective data, defined guidelines and betting techniques.

Pronostici Naturali Filosofia

Tell it around. šŸ˜‰

The spirit and rationality are the basis of the project and the way I intend to experience betting. The certainties are passion, seriousness, constant commitment and the great work put in place to try to offer quality content and practical tools to exploit the characteristics of the platform and the constant phenomenon of natural forecasts in leagues.

What algorithm is behind the “system”? Nobody! There is no algorithm. I know other companies that offer services of this kind, but this is not my case.

Of course, it is part of my philosophy to constantly evaluate user feedback and new features, I already have some interesting ideas in mind that go a bit in that direction, but first, as I always did, I have to test myself very thoroughly.

Today as yesterday, the notorious “common sense” remains one of the most important resources.

Meanwhile, anyone who approaches football betting must be aware that winning is very complicated, with no ifs and buts!

To aim to win, I mean in the long term, at least an entire league season, I consider it necessary to field a mix of three fundamental elements: specific objective data, defined guidelines, betting techniques.

This is also the reason why I prefer to define Natural Predictions as a ā€œmodelā€ of betting and not merely a system. All three aspects together represent an adequate mix to try to achieve a satisfying game.