Trend, as before, more than before.

Pronostici Naturali Trend

Trend even more complete with new useful data to improve the ability to select predictions.

What are the trends?

Trends are statistics and specific insights on natural predictions, which is why they differ from classic sports data on soccer.

The trend data are always updated and provide useful information on the progress of natural predictions in all the leagues considered, always divided by all the classic odds that the model uses.

With the details of home, away, type or duration of the series and from now also all the data of natural predictions satisfied in fixed odds, every round of the leagues, with every detail of the match.

What are trends for?

The data are used to take action, to be analyzed and transformed into concrete material that is a valid support for the selection for the bet.

Save the time for hypotheses, consult the trends and you will immediately realize that natural predictions are an organic phenomenon of soccer leagues and can represent a very valid help in developing a satisfactory betting.

Trends are as important as pre-game analysis. By constantly checking the “post” (even for a league or the entire season), you can increase knowledge and experience to be poured into your next bet slip.

Periodically investing time to observe trends is good and right, here are some reasons.

  • Evaluate the conversion capacity of natural predictions in all the leagues considered.
  • Analyze the details, for example of each specific fixed or cover odds, at home or away.
  • Motivate feelings with real data and leave out subjective impressions.
  • Why not? Satisfy a statistical curiosity about soccer.

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