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More than twenty years of experience in online projects and brands combined with a passion for football and betting.

Pronostici Naturali Founder

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I am Stefano Bergomi, born in 1973, I was born under the spires of the Milan Cathedral and I have been involved in online projects for more than twenty years. Sport is part of my life and football is invariably a great passion that has led me to know and appreciate betting.

I spent several years before being able to understand what was the best approach to satisfy my betting and when I finally found it, I started betting only according to my principles.

My luck is not in the game, but having had the perseverance and determination to combine my professional skills with a passion for betting.

With hard work, trust and personal investments I finally conveyed and concretized my concept of betting in this online project. I bet with Natural Predictions for a long time, before reaching the maturity necessary to define the spirit of the initiative and every operational and technical detail. I consider the 2019/20 season the one in which I officially presented the project publicly.

My story, how I arrived at this choice, what were the fundamental steps I wrote in the book-manual that I self-produced and published in December 2019, here I just want to thank my father again.

In addition to the creativity and the pleasure of writing, between a column of the Totocalcio and an aperitif, he gave me the balance to be able to bet for fun but with the desire to win, as in sport and above all with the correct balance to avoid poor behavior. responsible and wrong gambling habits.

The first version of the platform dedicated to Natural Predictions, despite the unfortunate year of Covid, gave me great satisfaction, not only in terms of personal betting results, but above all for the unexpected and magnificent affection I received day after day .

In a “delicate” field such as betting, many enthusiasts have appreciated hard work, seriousness, grasped the meaning of the project and conveyed their satisfaction with written testimonials, winning bets, reviews, messages, e-mails, comments and participation in videos on the YouTube channel and posts on Instagram.

For these reasons I decided to devote even more effort and increase my personal effort, from every point of view, to create the new version of the platform and allow a significantly improved user experience. Speed, usability, new features, English version and many other important aspects to create an increasingly useful and usable web app.

The goal always remains the same: take advantage of Natural Predictions to enjoy the games of this fantastic sport and implement fun, responsible and satisfying betting at the same time.


A warm greeting from Bet Bunker