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Check out the frequently asked questions about the main features offered by the natural football prediction platform.

The natural predictions are the teams that do not win, draw or lose for at least 5 rounds of the league. Before the next day, therefore the sixth still to be played, you can find them listed in the billboard, divided by the 19 leagues that the platform considers.

Because this first condition arises spontaneously with the passing of the league rounds, therefore in a natural, repeated, perpetual way every season.

No, it would be too banal and obvious, of course. The series are only a mere objective statistic on which it is essential to apply betting strategies and techniques in order to reduce the risk and take advantage of this natural advantage that the leagues offer us.

I wrote a manual-book to explain how to take advantage of natural predictions and you can see numerous videos on the YouTube channel (Italian). As a quick list these are:

  • implement the process of selecting the mathematical coverage odds connected to the expected series, which also provides for the observation of the team data in the billboard, of the trends.
  • Optimize the bet with respect to: risk assessment, use of systems with allowed errors, amount wagered, potential desired payout.
  • Common sense, prudence, training, consistency and adherence to the main guidelines and how to avoid unnecessary and trivial errors contribute in an important way to obtaining a satisfactory betting.

No. Natural predictions are generated only in the leagues and the platform considers, to date, 19 leagues across Europe. The natural prediction season typically begins in late August and ends in early June.

No, but in order to help those who start betting with the natural prediction model, the billboard contains soccer tips with two levels of “risk”, when deemed opportunities according to the pre-game analysis.

The color of the soccer tips identifies the level of risk expected from the analysis. The soccer tips in light green have a lower level and in dark green a higher level. Attention! This does not mean that only those with lower risk should be chosen, the best approach is to make your own final analysis and make a mix of choices that may very well not include the published soccer tips.

With natural predictions you can have fun creating your selection without the need for anyone, however the soccer tips can be a quick solution for those who prefer this mode.

I often publish my bets on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and above all those I receive from those who like to share their winnings with other bettors. Personally, I also publish bets not won or where I have obtained a partial recovery of the bet, for example with the SuperMultipla9.
Every Friday evening around 7 pm I publish the video analysis of the entire scoreboard and comment on the suggestions of the matches on Saturday, subscribe to the channel and activate the notifications.

The tips of the day are generally published the evening before or by the morning of the same day, also depending on the time of the matches scheduled on the scoreboard.

No, as already indicated on several pages of the site, the purpose of the platform is to propose an approach to betting that allows enthusiasts to take advantage of the opportunities of natural predictions on their own and have fun making the bet with their own choices. The tips can be one more support tool for those who have recently approached this betting model.

Once published, the suggestions generally do not change, unless there are particular situations concerning the teams, also due to the emergency situation in football, or to any errors transmitted by the data provider.

The natural predictions board is integrated with a data provider, which allows you to update the data every night. Every morning, therefore, the billboard is already aligned and presents the natural predictions. Any errors on the data received will be corrected as soon as notified.

The colored circles indicate the type of series that the team has in progress which can be Non Wins From, Does Not Draw From and Does Not Lose From (can have one or two types together maximum).
The number inside indicates how many days he has not obtained that result, so for example, Non Vin From 5 means that he has not won for 5 days and has just entered the billboard.

In general, yes, usually when there are natural predictions there are always soccer tips, but there may be days in which, following the analysis carried out, for the matches and the value of the odds provided by the bookmaker, no particular situations that satisfy criteria of opportunity and prudence, have been identified.
It rarely happens that no soccer tips are in the billboard, at least someone with the “minimum” profitability requirements, but it cannot be excluded.
Remember! The fact that the analysis has not resulted in any soccer tips does not mean that, on the contrary, there may be valid situations for you, also given the type of quota you prefer to use, for example with high ones.

The billboard shows the natural predictions from the current date up to the next five days, because it is the maximum technically possible time window, as the model is dedicated to leagues and it is necessary to wait for the end of a round with the respective results to be able to calculate the natural predictions to publish.

No. The comparison of odds is not part of the betting model with natural predictions, which considers odds by type and value from other points of view.

No. The platform uses logic that derives from the model of natural predictions, as described in the information on the site.

Trends are statistics and specific insights on natural predictions that provide you with detailed information about the trend of natural predictions in leagues. To learn more about all the characteristics of the trends, visit the dedicated section.

Activa performance is the number of times a team has found itself in the natural prediction condition and has broken the expected missing series.
Conversely, passive performance is the number of times in which a team has found itself in the position of an opponent and has faced a natural prediction team that has made the break of the expected missing series.