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Together with the odds, the choice of the type of bets is necessary to optimize the bet, understood as the ratio between selected odds, risk considered and potential winnings.

Natural Predictions has experimented with many combinations of bets to achieve an optimal ratio between the value of the odds, the calculated risk that you are “willing” to accept and the potential win, so that it was as balanced and profitable as possible.

Once you have made your selection, you should already have clear the goal you are aiming for and therefore the type of bet suitable to bet slip.

The final amount of the bet is an objective fact and applies to everyone to the same extent, the difference on the winnings depends on the amount wagered, which on the contrary remains a totally subjective choice.

Any bettor must certainly avoid betting amounts that are out of reach, that is risky, but it is also important to avoid unnecessary or even foolish wastes and risks, with non-optimized bet slip.

Natural Predictions uses four types of bet slip for as many different objectives that allow you to easily adapt to your style and volume of play.


Although it is always difficult to believe it, after several years it is legitimate to say that the SuperMultpla9 has deserved on the field to represent, without a shadow of a doubt, the symbol of Natural Predictions.

The SuperMultipla9 is a multiple bet system with 9 games, to be played with a subjective error tolerance. So, not only a straight multiple bet on 9 games, but also a series of combinations on the same 9 games with the lines of the multiples of 8 games, 7 games, 6 games, etc.

These additional multiple lines may win or recover part of the bet, even in the presence of 1, 2, errors etc., depending on the system implemented. Unless the value of the odds is at least average, it is difficult to bet even the line of the six-player multiple, or to consider 3 possible errors.

Generally the typical system uses a SuperMultipla9 with multiples of 7, 8 and obviously the dry multiple of 9, with a total amount spread on the lines of € 20.

The SuperMultipla9 uses low and medium odds to always respect the relationship between the various optimization factors.

It is essential to remember that with a nine-game system you can also benefit from an excellent bonus that can reach, depending on the bookmaker used, even 30% more on the total.

With 8 winning prone out of 9 and a balanced mix of low and medium odds you potentially win between € 80/130. With 7 hit you can recover between € 8/25.

The fascinating side of SuperMultipla9 is precisely in the ability to satisfy a wide winning range, starting from a partial recovery of the amount played (which is always appreciated) up to obtaining a potentially three or even four zeroes payout, with an amount total that, reasonably, we can consider at least accessible to most bettors, of course depending on the subjective game frequency.

How to distribute the amount of € 20 on multiple lines at 7, 8 and 9?

  • 36 Multiple of 7 with € 0,25 each (total € 9)
  • 9 Multiple of 8 with € 1 each (total € 9)
  • 1 Multiple of 9 with € 2


The MultipleHighOdds, this season, becomes super! No, we didn’t suddenly become megalomaniacs, but some valid real tests during the 2019/20 season convinced me to modify this type of bet.

Another reason is the elasticity of the system, which allows the bettor to choose the number of predictions to enter and then to continue playing it in the classic version with 6 predictions.

Historically it is present in our bets and dedicated to those who prefer to take advantage of natural predictions for decidedly higher goals.

It is clear that the ambition of this bet is directly proportional to the risk associated with the high value of the odds, where possible therefore try to exploit, for example, double chances listed well.

The odds that I suggest for this type of system are medium and high and therefore range from a minimum of 2 to rise, up to a maximum of 4.

As for the SuperMultipla9, also for the SuperMultipleHighOdds it consists of a system with error tolerance and without fixed predictions.

The containment of the risk for SuperMultipleHighOdds is also given by the reasonable amount which, depending on the number of predictions entered, can go for example from € 10.75 (6 predictions) to € 22.65 (9 predictions) with of course multiple different.

The potential payout is clearly very high but it absolutely must not be the attraction of this system. Of course, the ambition for the jackpot must always live within us, but rationally, the attention must fall on the win lines or partial recovery depending on the errors allowed. In the sense that they must be convenient and to our satisfaction.

Depending on the odds, taking all the winning predictions in the SuperMultipleHighOdds bet means cashing in from € 1,000 to … many, even 4 zeros, with bonuses.

Below is an example of the distribution of the betting amount on the various 6 prone lines and an amount of € 10.25.

  • 15 Multiple of 4 with € 0,25 each (total € 3,75)
  • 9 Multiple of 5 with € 1 each (total € 5)
  • 1 Multiple of 6 with € 2


The Multi X6 bet provides a final odd which, as the name suggests, is worth about six times the stake. To reach a multiplier of six, you can choose prone with medium odds and / or add one or two picks in the combination.

Beyond the five games in the same bet, as we all know, the possibility of the bet slip going to pieces increases significantly.

Although higher odds are needed for this bet, to obtain a MultipleX6 it is still possible, and highly recommended, to use the coverage and extra coverage odds.

Of course, the MultipleX6 is a more pretentious bet than the MultipleX3 and therefore with a greater level of difficulty, just as the goal is equally more satisfying. In fact, you bet to multiply the stake six times, which is no small feat.

The MultipleX6 is a single bet, not a system one, so only a mistake is enough for the game to fall apart. As always, therefore, maximum caution and coverage as possible.


The MultipleX3, similarly to the MultipleX6, has an indicative final quote of about three times the stake, of course it does not necessarily have to be precise with a total odd of three, allow yourself a good elasticity, also in terms of number of predictions from 1 to 3 in general , the important thing is to evaluate the natural predictions to be included.

The consistency of the odds used in the bet is crucial. That is: playing a single draw and having already scored more than three times the stake of the MultipleX3 is not suitable for my point of view.

Just to give an idea, three games with an average odds of 1.45 are enough to triple the stakes, nothing particularly daring on paper.

It is forbidden to snub the MultipleX3! This little bet can represent your change of mentality in betting, be the fuse to develop a winning mentality, feed your ability and motivation with small but frequent winnings.

After some training and experience, it will be automatic to feel ready to try a SuperMultiple9 with greater awareness and confidence.

This bet is perfect for “making firewood” on days with a few natural predictions on the billboard and putting precious hay on the farm which will help keep cash flow stable.

Tell it around. 😉