Natural Predictions Ebook Book Amazon Free 2021 November 37 Reviews

More than a book, a practical manual for those who want to know quickly the football betting model with natural predictions.

The official manual book of natural predictions is available on Amazon in e-book and paperback, in Italian and English.

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Why the official book of natural predictions?

The world of soccer betting is very vast and colorful, I wanted to express and share my thoughts in the simplest and most practical way possible, with the aim of publishing a truly useful resource.

There is a lot of information to know to make the most of the fantastic opportunities of the natural league predictions.

Few users are willing to read long texts from web pages, or at least it is not the most comfortable method.

And since the topics are more than you imagine, a book is the best solution to present the methodology in an orderly and organized way. For those who love to read and want to learn more quickly how to bet with natural predictions.

Pronostici Naturali is a utility platform for betting that already offers numerous resources directly on the pages of this blog, with articles, guides, analyzes. And also with the support of videos on the YouTube channel and podcasts published on the main platforms.

Reading the book is not a mandatory condition for using natural predictions. Reading can certainly offer a broader and deeper vision to create formally correct bets, according to the principles and indications of the proposed model.

I do not consider the book to be a revolutionary guide, you will not find mind-bending systems, dense spreadsheets, but all the simplicity and potential of an approach to betting with natural predictions, with its pros and cons.

It is a rather intense concentration of information, so I recommend reading it, rereading it and marking the most important points and then keeping it at hand. At least until certain mechanisms are definitively acquired.

I have also inserted several screenshots of bets, not to boast or give who knows what “proof”, but to show practical and useful examples, even of bets that are not completely winning.

One goal: practicality and concreteness.

The aim of the book “Natural Predictions, how to bet on soccer leagues” is to provide specifically any information, aspect, variable, suggestion, experience in order to make the bettor more aware of how to exploit natural predictions.

Putting the information together in the correct order was a long and tiring job, regardless of length but quality, with a few frills and general information on the betting topic, rather a lot of pragmatism.

At the end of December 2019, finally the first publication on Amazon, in digital and paperback format. And shortly thereafter also in the English version, because natural predictions are, by definition, international.

I will be happy to receive any comments and suggestions about the book, but above all about the proposed betting model but even more, I would like to see many bets made and won directly by you!

Written, paginated and self-produced directly by Stefano, including the cover.



  • Do you already know Natural Predictions?
  • What changes with “Decreto Dignità”?
  • Why the official guide of natural predictions
  • OK but … where are the bets ready to play?
  • What a hassle!
  • Why only championships and not cups?
  • Natural Predictions is the discovery of hot water?
  • Why share a betting methodology?
  • Who are you, then?



  • Defined and restricted market.
  • Natural predictions: objective and constant opportunities.
  • Simplicity of play and speed: the odds.
  • Risk reduction and natural predictions selection.
  • List of odds for natural predictions.
  • The extra coverage odds.
  • Useful data to take action.
  • Special cases of natural predictions.
  • Other useful info for choosing natural predictions.
  • Choice of the type of bet and optimization.
  • Multiple X3.
  • Multiple X6.
  • SuperMultiple9.
  • Multiple High Odds.
  • AAMS limits, taxation and useful numbers for ludopathy.
  • Pros and cons of natural predictions.
  • Resources.