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The choice of the type of odds and its value is essential to identify the goal and the type of soccer bet to place.

Low, medium and high, how much?

The fantasy of bookmakers in frequently offering new odds appears as a sneaky attempt to “distract” and confuse bettors and smash betting slips.
In this regard, natural predictions use only very common odds, which any bookmaker, with a regular license, always offers in the betting schedules.
Let’s first define what, in general and in our view, are considered low, medium and high altitudes.

  • Low odds: around 1.20 to 1.45. Beware of odds below 1.20 because they can exclude the right to receive any bonuses on multiple bets.
  • Average odds: from 1.46 to about 2.
  • High odds: from 2 onwards up to a maximum of around 4.00. Beyond these values you enter a minefield, excessively and unnecessarily risky, which is not part of our betting model.

Fixed and cover odds

In another perspective, the low, medium and high odds can occur in fixed and cover quotas.

  • Double chances 1X, X2, 12.
  • Sum of Even Goals, intended as the sum of the final goals of both teams together (not just one of the two), or the “number” of the match result.
  • Score Goal, understood at the level of the team that signs it.
  • Takes Goal, understood at the level of the team that concedes it.

The cover odds considered by the natural predictions are the following.

  • Doppie chance 1X, X2, 12.
  • Somma Gol Pari, inteso come somma gol finale di entrambe le squadre insieme (non di una sola delle due), ovvero il “numero” del risultato della partita.
  • Segna Gol, inteso a livello di squadra che lo sigla.
  • Prende Gol, inteso a livello di squadra che lo incassa.

Extra coverage odds

Natural Predictions also uses “extra coverage odds”. They are odds that are not mathematically linked to a specific fixed odd, but are in any case relative to the sign expected from the natural forecast and can be useful for having more alternatives. They are essentially the following three.

  • Over 1.5, therefore at least two goals scored overall in the match.
  • Goals, i.e. both teams score at least one goal each.
  • Sum odd goal, intended as the final goal of both teams together.

Tell it around. 😉