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Choosing to bet with natural predictions means, most of the time, changing your betting approach and this also requires trust, commitment and perseverance.


Please everyone is always impossible, here are some reasons why some type of bettor may not appreciate this model.

  • It prefers those who want to have fun with betting, but in a structured way
  • It goes beyond blazons and / or big matches
  • Use leagues only
  • For those who are experienced it is usually difficult to change approach
  • It is not a mathematical, progression system, etc.
  • It does not perform automatic virtual simulations
  • It does not use sure bet and matched betting
  • To date, it does not use betting exchanges
  • It does not provide comparison of bookmakers’ odds
  • It does not propose final percentage predictions
  • There is no document to download to create the bet
  • It can be repetitive for odds or bets
  • It is suitable for application throughout the season
  • It does not manage the stake, but proposes suitable bets and amounts
  • It is not a money management course
  • There are no secret groups on social media
  • He does not deceive anyone, winning is very difficult!

The only certainty, every start of the season, is that you will not know if, how, when and how you will get winnings in betting. Not even if all guidelines were followed carefully. This must be the ability to be realistic and responsible.

Having said that, it must be said that the healthy habit of a game inspired by the natural motion of the leagues, balanced, prepared, technically correct, opens up considerably wider possibilities to obtain satisfactory results.

In betting with natural predictions, the improvement consists in the ability to be increasingly adherent, precise and rapid in selecting the predictions and combining them in the bets. Consequently, increase the average of the centered pricks, until you reach winnings.