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Offer a betting model that allows you to develop a serene and balanced approach to betting, to be lived with passion and fun, from the analysis and selection phase to the achievement of a satisfying game.

Pronostici Naturali Mission

Tell it around. đŸ˜‰

What does it mean to have satisfactory betting? It is a question that must be answered very frankly. Thinking of betting consistently with rare and random winnings certainly cannot be considered satisfactory.

The fun, however, is not just about the mere winning aspect. In this context, the question of “how” one approaches betting must also be addressed.

Achieving a fair or good winning frequency must be a goal and a reward for having operated in an organized, prudent, aware and obviously responsible manner.

As I always repeat even during my videos on YouTube, the first act of fun in betting should consist in making the bet with your own head, having fun doing analysis and reasoning to choose independently which teams and matches to insert in the bet.

This is very different from looking for “someone” or “something” on which to pour all expectations and with the sole purpose of arriving at the checkout.

I also wrote it in my book: “Why do you prefer to look for someone who spends your money in your place?”.

Given that winning in betting will always remain difficult and that nobody, myself included, has the crystal ball, the best approach you can have to get satisfaction is to improve your way of betting, increase your knowledge, even on a technical level. For example, how to optimize a football bet in the system, balance odds, identify potential risks and opportunities.

That’s why Natural Predictions is more than a platform where you can find the ready-made bets and instead represents, in addition to a “technical” tool, also a complete approach to betting.

A model made up of specific statistical data on football, guidelines to combat risk, techniques for formally more “correct” betting.

This is the sense, for me, of the fun of betting. Without seeking random luck, but adopting ways to increase the “coverage” and consistency of the bet, adhering if possible to the guidelines but with freedom of choice between the predictions scheduled for each day.

And this is also the reason why the suggestions, although they are present, do not represent for me the most important aspect of the project. Although they are loudly requested, I consider them more as an initial support for those approaching the world of football betting for the first time with Natural Predictions.

And the winnings? From what I have been able to observe, in my now long and intense experience, implementing the model puts us in a better condition to achieve satisfaction in league football betting.

In addition to the results, suggestions and bets that I shared during the analysis of the billboard, in the pre and post-match videos, the greatest joy is to receive the testimony of those who discover, choose and successfully deepen the characteristics of the natural prediction model.

Happy for having obtained a win, but above all for having managed to get into the right mentality and have developed a responsible, fun and satisfying betting.