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Here Stefano from Bet Bunker, always ready.

The truth? I really didn’t think I’d find so many nice, helpful and above all kind guys when I started posting content on social media.

To be honest, I didn’t even think about making videos on YouTube, at most I was going to do podcasts and articles.

Objectively, however, being able to make videos to tell, present, explain, I hope also help many people to obtain a more satisfying betting, is very useful.

It also gave me the opportunity to get in touch with other enthusiasts, few or many, it doesn’t matter, what I feel with great pleasure is the trust and great willingness to listen to my vision of betting.

I invited everyone to share their winnings and every time it happens it is a great incentive for me to try to do better and better, as happened with the enormous effort dedicated to the new platform.

I designed it, first of all, based on the indications, suggestions and “wish list” of features collected in this year and a half of the first version.

This is what I consider useful and hope to stimulate every time I publish a video, a post, a podcast. Participation, sharing, fun, today you can find me from Bet Bunker on these platforms.

  • Canale YouTube, where I periodically publish guides, pre and post matches and leagues analysis and, shortly, I will schedule live shows and the playlist dedicated to the tutorials for the platform.
  • Podcast, where you usually find the version to listen to of the videos, published on the main platforms including Spotify, Anchor and several others.
  • Instagram, where I mainly place winning bets (or epic “gnaws”) mine but above all yours, for those who obviously share them with me and give me permission to do so. In fact, I have not been very constant with the posts, but after putting the platform online I will also have more time for Instagram, where I intend to make mini videos on natural predictions.

And since from the Bet Bunker I am always a soul in pain, in my infinite to-do list I also have the goal of using other social networks that I have a little lost sight of, such as Twitter and the activation of new channels, I’ll keep you up-to-date!