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Enjoy Christmas 🎄 and the entire second part of the season. 6 MONTHS of platform with +300 Natural Predictions per week on 19 leagues.

6 MOnths € 19

INSTEAD OF € 29,40

MONTHLY € 4,90

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The promotion is valid until January 9 2024


No automatic renewal, you decide at the end of the period.
By clicking on the “Sign up” button you will go directly to the official app.pronosticinaturali.com platform to register, make the payment with and access the billboard (active until the beginning of June 2023).

Did you read the book? 1 Month Free!

I want to thank those who have read the book and give them the opportunity to put the betting model into practice on the platform for 1 month for free with the natural predictions of the leagues.

1) Add a SINCERE review on Amazon.
2) Register on the platform WITHOUT making the payment.
3) Send me a message so I can activate your month for free.
4) Take advantage of your free month as described in the book and enjoy!
5) Let me know how it goes, I care!


Read some reviews, from the platform to the winning bets received, to the book. The greatest satisfaction is having helped so many fans to understand how to bet and have fun with natural predictions on their own, rather than just giving “pre-packaged” bets that will never improve your betting.

Frequent questions

No, but in order to help those who start betting with the natural prediction model, there are some tips on the billboard with two levels of difficulty, according to the pre-game analysis. With natural predictions you can have fun creating your selection without the need for anyone, however the tips can be a quick solution for those who prefer this mode.

In addition to the information on this site, you can visit the official blog (italian), read the manual book on Amazon, follow the YouTube channel (italian) where there are numerous video guides, pre and post game analysis, or the podcast version on Spotify (italian), Anchor or other similar platforms. And if you still need help, you can always send me a message.

No. Natural predictions are generated only in championships and the platform currently considers 19 across Europe from August to May.

I always offer 1 month free to thank whoever has read the book on Amazon and post a review (so that I can know who it is, because Amazon doesn’t provide customer data).

Of course, after making the payment, the registration is immediately active. Access the billboard and see the list of natural predictions from “today” to the next 5 days.

No, because there is no automatic renewal. After the season or a month, the registration stops automatically and you decide if and when to reactivate it.

The price includes all the features of the platform and the cost for online payment.

Payment is only possible online with Paypal and credit card, prepaid cards are usually accepted.

No. The comparison of odds is not part of the betting model with natural predictions, which considers odds by type and value.

No. The platform uses logic that derives from the model of natural predictions, as described in the information on the site. The tips, to date, are processed directly from my analysis and are therefore not automatic.

No. Natural Predictions is an independent project, it has no connection with any bookmaker.


Change starting point, use more useful data to increase coverage, adopt bubble optimization techniques, bet with your head and make your betting more fun, responsible and satisfying.