A) Validity
1. These general terms and conditions (hereinafter, “Terms and Conditions”) govern the use of all the contents and services (hereinafter, the “Contents”) offered by Pronostici Naturali (hereinafter, “PN”) to its users (hereinafter, “Users” or “User”), on the website (hereinafter, the “Site”). These Terms and Conditions also apply to the contents and services that Users send within the Site in the form of emails, contributions on social media, forums or chat communications, (hereinafter, the “User Content” ).
2. PN is a site of information organized and born from statistical evaluations observed over the years in football leagues. Natural Predictions does not provide precise predictions but indications based on statistical data. Pronostici Naturali is an independent project, not a bookmaker and does not accept bets.
3. The methods of use, especially through computers, mobile devices and / or other hardware and / or software do not affect the validity of the Terms and Conditions.
4. PN expressly reserves the right to change the Terms and Conditions at any time.

B) Regulations
1. Please note that the law prohibits gambling for people under the age of 18 and that sports betting is a high risk event. Legal and responsible gaming is therefore recommended and in line with one’s economic possibilities.
Furthermore, please note that gambling, for residents of Italy, is regulated according to the “Gambling” rules and protected by the italian Revenue Agency, guarantor of legality and safety on the matter, to ensure the transparency of the game.
2. PN is in favor of healthy, responsible, independent gaming and is totally against it, strongly condemns and does not in any way instigate gambling attitudes and methods.
3. Users are responsible for being aware of the legislation in force in their country of residence.

C) Registration
1. Use of the Site is reserved for registered and registered Users. Registration and subscription takes place at the request of the user, to be filled in in the appropriate area of the Site. To register, you must already be 18 years of age.
2. Registration to access the Site requires the payment of the expected amount of € 3.90 including VAT per month. Each natural person can create only one profile. The registration is strictly personal and it is not allowed to transfer it to allow access to the Site to people other than the subscriber.
3. The registration must contain the required data that are correct, not misleading and complete. By checking the reserved box during registration, the User gives his consent to the sending of emails for communications and service notifications by PN.
4. Registration and subscription for access to the Site implies the commitment to comply with these Terms and Conditions. In particular, during registration, by placing a check mark in the checkbox “I declare that I am 18 years old” and “I accept the Terms and Conditions” and by pressing the “SAVE AND GO TO PAYMENT” button, the User confirms that read and declares at the same time to expressly accept these Terms and Conditions.
5. PN reserves the right, in case of indication of incorrect data, to completely or partially (even permanently) exclude the User from using the Site. In particular, it reserves the right to eliminate any registered User who has not turned 18 years old.
6. The User undertakes to always keep his data updated and, in the event of changes, to correct the relative data of the profile created on the Site.
7. Registered users may, at any time, request the cancellation of their profile and related data, by sending an explicit request in writing using the form on the contact page. The cancellation interrupts the registration and it will no longer be possible to use the services of the Site.
8. By registering, you immediately access the digital services of the Site, therefore the user loses the right to withdraw from the contract and it is therefore not possible to make partial or total refunds.

D) Disclaimer
1. PN does not guarantee the constant updating of the information contained and is not responsible for the consequences of any errors contained within it, nor for financial losses or other damages that may derive from such errors, nor can it be held responsible for any damages, including such as computer virus infections, which visitors’ equipment may suffer as a result of access and / or interconnection with the Site or the downloading, even where permitted by the Site, of any Content.
2. The hypertext links on this site can direct visitors to search for web pages on sites other than this one. In this case, PN assumes no responsibility in relation both to the content of what is published on these sites and the use that third parties may make of it, and for any damage caused by or originating on the occasion of access to such sites, of the ” interconnection with them or downloading their content.
3. Users must not hold PN responsible based on any recommendations or information provided. Users, visitors and subscribers to the Site, therefore confirm that they have legal capacity and acknowledge that they are solely responsible for their acts and decisions.

E) Ownership of Content
1. The User acknowledges that the entire content of the Site is the exclusive and unlimited property of the legitimate owner. The User undertakes to use the Site and all the contents and information contained therein exclusively in the context of personal and private regulatory use. Texts, photos, graphics, charts, commercial and strategic logics, audio and video materials inserted may not be published, rewritten, marketed, distributed by users and third parties in any way and in any form. Any act aimed at copying, reproducing, publishing or stealing, modifying or altering such material, even by means of technical expedients, without authorization, is punishable on the basis of civil and criminal laws on copyright.
Anyone wishing to be authorized to copy, reproduce or quote pages or portions of text from this site, outside the cases permitted by law, must make an explicit written request to PN using the form on the contact page. The violation of the rules on copyright involves criminal and particularly serious sanctions, especially if those who illegally use the work do so for profit.
2. The trademarks appearing on the Site (with and / or without logo, whether registered or not) are trademarks belonging to their respective owners.
3. Any reference to the trademarks on the Site does not explicitly or implicitly constitute any right, license or authorization to use such trademarks without the written consent of the legitimate Owner or of the interested third parties.
4. Any use of the trademarks that appear on the Site and for which the legitimate Owner or any third parties have not given specific and prior written consent is strictly prohibited. PN and any third parties reserve all rights available by law, including in the area of criminal law, in order to ensure that their rights are respected.
5. Any User content transferred directly by the User to PN or directly or indirectly through the Site becomes the exclusive and unlimited property of PN. There is no right to compensation or reimbursement for the User as part of these Terms and Conditions. By transferring User Content of any kind, the User waives any right to the transferred content.
By submitting content via the Site, the User:
– declares to have full power to do so
– grants PN the right to modify, adapt, publish and use the contents sent and any work derived from them, in all media platforms, existing or future, for any purpose, on a perpetual basis, without the User receiving any compensation or refund
– acknowledges that he may enjoy the so-called “moral rights” on the contents, for example the right to be recognized as the author of the published contents and the right to protect the work against acts that harm the author. The User agrees to waive any moral rights he may enjoy in relation to the contents
– accepts that PN has no obligation to monitor or protect the User’s rights in relation to any content sent by the User to the Advisor
– must take all necessary and appropriate measures in order to guarantee the continuous and rigorous compliance with the confidentiality obligations in relation to the Contents
6. Access to the Site and its contents may be temporarily or permanently limited at any time. In particular, PN reserves the right to interrupt the Site without prior notice, for urgent technical reasons or to allow for the execution of maintenance interventions where necessary. PN cannot under any circumstances be held liable for any damage resulting from such maintenance.
7. There will be no images or files on the Site that could be considered offensive, but PN cannot, in any case, guarantee that such situations will not occur. PN cannot and should not be held responsible for what is written by users as everyone is unique and only responsible for what he himself writes. PN will try to limit the damage by deleting, where possible, phrases and statements deemed obscene or offensive to third parties.
8. PN also reserves the right to expand or modify, as well as to constantly supplement or limit the Site’s offer.

F) Prohibition of abusive behavior
1. Any abusive behavior is prohibited on the site. This behavior occurs in particular, by way of example and not exhaustive, in the event that:
– any prohibition set out in these Terms and Conditions is violated
– incorrect or misleading information is intentionally provided
– seek to influence the PN platform through agreements, intrusion into programs and other means contrary to the rules
– anomalies and malfunctions are intentionally caused in order to influence the regular performance of the Service
– is disclosed directly or indirectly or the disclosure of all or part of a content on the Site to third parties is permitted
– other provisions contained in these Terms and Conditions are violated.
2. The User also undertakes not to:
– undertakes any attempt to tamper with the software used on the Site and to access it in any way or to develop software that accesses the software of the Site
– do not use any type of software that allows you to create multiple registered Profiles
– not to use any software that allows the User to analyze the Site or to reproduce or access in any way the Site and its programs
– attempt to decompile, decode, disassemble or illegally modify any data, circumvent any encryption technology or protection measures or data transmitted, processed or stored by PN
– “extract”, perform “web scraping” or collect any information about other Users who use the Site including, by way of example but not limited to, personal data or information, including by uploading tools for retrieving information such as, illustrative and non-exhaustive title, “pixel tags”, cookies and image formats or similar elements occasionally also referred to as “spyware” or “pcms” (passive collection mechanisms)
– use the Site in violation of any applicable law or regulation
– use the Site in any other way contrary to the provisions of these Terms and Conditions.
3. PN reserves the right, if necessary, to take the necessary steps to discover and prevent the use of software that is not permitted by the User. In particular, the right to identify or locate the programs installed on the User’s computer or mobile terminal, or to create profiles for verification purposes. In the event that PN should detect or reasonably believe that a prohibited software is used, it is authorized to delete the profile of the relevant User and to evaluate any legal action to obtain reimbursement of all damages caused.

G) Support and Assistance
1. Users have the right to send support and assistance communications through the appropriate form in the contact us section. PN will try to respond as soon as possible, nevertheless there is no right to constantly have access to the helpline or to receive a response to requests sent by email within a certain period.

H) Jurisdiction
1. All legal relations between PN and the User are subject exclusively to Italian law, unless otherwise established by the legislation in force from time to time, the competent court for any disputes connected to the existence, completion or termination of the legal relationship between the User and PN is the Court of Milan.

Last updated 17/09/2020